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2nd Quarter 2021 Housing Choice Legislation Presents New Opportunities
1st Quarter, 2021 SJC Interprets the Statute of Repose in Multi-Phased Condominium Projects
2nd Quarter 2019 Marijuana Land Use Case Ends on a High Note
3rd Quarter 2018 Municipal Taxation of New Construction
2nd Quarter 2017 The Starter Home Initiative
1st Quarter 2017 Municipal and Abutter Resistance to 40B Reynolds v. Zoning Board of Stow
3rd Quarter 2016 Zoning Reform and Housing Production
1st Quarter 2012 Performance Guarantees: Not All They Appear to Be
4th Quarter 2011 Overcoming the Burden of Local Bylaws and Ordinances
2nd Quarter 2011


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September 2013 Real Estate Brokers Challenge Independent Contractor Law
August 2013 Zoning Reform Legislation: A Misstep for Housing Production


Mass Builder – Official Magazine of the Home Builders Association of Massachusetts – A Supplement to Banker & Tradesman

4th Quarter 2010 Brokerage Commissions and Escrow Deposits: Traps for the Unwary
3rd Quarter 2010 Condominium Phasing Rights
2nd Quarter 2010 A New Look at Trespass Issues
1st Quarter 2010 The Floodgate to Municipal Litigation
4th Quarter 2009 Chapter 40B and the Cost Certification Dilemma
3rd Quarter 2009 Success in Phases
2nd Quarter 2009 Constructive Approval and Plan Freezes Part ll
1st Quarter 2009 Leveling The Wetlands Playing Field
4th Quarter 2008 When Approvals Aren’t Constructive
3rd Quarter 2008 The Woes of Woburn
2nd Quarter 2008 The SJC Closes the Front Door to Mansionization
1st Quarter 2008 Another Positive Decision for 40B
4th Quarter 2007 Further Support for Chapter 40B
3rd Quarter 2007 Local Needs Test Upheld by SJC
2nd Quarter 2007 Grandfather Protection of Lot Status
1st Quarter 2007 Regulatory Takings Law Strikes Again
4th Quarter 2006 The Snags of Site Plan Review
3rd Quarter 2006 U.S. Supreme Court Divided Over Wetlands
2nd Quarter 2006 Alarming Wetland Protection Trends
1st Quarter 2006 Benefits, Pitfalls of Liquidated Damages
4th Quarter 2005 More on Nonconforming Structures
3rd Quarter 2005 First in Time – First in Right
2nd Quarter 2005 Recent Farm Land Conversion Rulings
1st Quarter 2005 Court Strikes No-Build Buffer Zone
4th Quarter 2004 Case a Primer in Workers’ Compensation
3rd Quarter 2004 Cases Impact Development
2nd Quarter 2004 Hobbs vs. Lincoln Case Paves New Development for Wetland Appeals
1st Quarter 2004 Grandfathered Lot Protection in Stoughton



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